Torchwood: The Vigil

Torchwood: The Vigil
Torchwood: The Vigil


Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato), Alex Lowe (Roderick), Lucy Robinson (Madeline Vaughan), Hugh Skinner (Sebastian Vaughan)


Sebastian Vaughan is the brightest, newest recruit to Torchwood. He’s come from a very good family, an excellent school, and with a degree from the finest College. He’s the kind of person bred for Torchwood.
Sebastian Vaughan is exactly the person Torchwood needs. He’s charming, he’s smart, and he’s good in a fight. He’s taken Torchwood’s other new recruit under his wing. With his help, Toshiko Sato will make something of herself and fit in at Torchwood.
Sebastian Vaughan is dead. Toshiko Sato’s been given permission to bring his body home to give him the send-off he deserves. How will Torchwood cope without him?


Sebastian thinks Tosh isn’t ready to die for Torchwood, and she agrees. (Exit Wounds)
Sebastian accuses Tosh of seeing patterns that aren’t there. The Eighth Doctor previously expressed a similar sentiment for humans. (The TV Movie)


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