Vienna Carstairs



Vienna Carstairs



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The Taking of Chelsea 456


Vienna Carstairs was born on Earth. When she was twelve years old, her family, including her twin brother Jake Carstairs, moved to Colony World Chelsea 426. She met the Tenth Doctor when she was fourteen. He was staying at the hotel that her parents owned. She and her brother showed him around Chelsea 426. When Wallace Fitch gave her tickets to see the flower show, she went with The Doctor, Jake and her mother Bess Carstairs. She and Jake evacuated the flower show after a flower started shooting out Rutan spores. Her mother was affected. When she got back to the hotel she witnessed the arrival of Sontarans. She was told by her father that she had to be evacuated. Her friend Wallace attacked the TARDIS as he was infected by the Rutan Host too. He was later saved when The Doctor released oxygen in the TARDIS. After her mother was saved she said goodbye to The Doctor, but she ended up going out with Wallace Fitch. (The Taking of Chelsea 426)

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