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Played By:

Maureen O Brien

2 January 1965-6 November 1965

First Appearance:
The Rescue (regular)

Last Appearance:
The Mythmakers (regular)

Number of Series:



10 stories


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Vicki was born on Earth (The Rescue) in 2479 (Byzantium!). Her mother wanted to name her Tanni, but her father preferred Vicki. As a girl, she lived in Liddell Towers on the South Circular Road in New London, where she enjoyed looking at the stars at night, though they were so faint They could hardly be seen. (Byzantium!)

As a student of a 25th century school system, she studied medicine one hour a week. By the age of ten, she had obtained certificates n medicine, physics, computers, chemistry and other disciplines. (The Web Planet) She also studied 20th century history (The Suffering) and temporal paradoxes (The Schoolboy’s Story) at school.

She was skilled at cutting hair. (Galaxy 4). She once cut Steven’s hair for him. (The Suffering)

Her mother died when Vicki was eleven. (Byzantium!) Her father took a job in a new colony on the planet Astra and left Earth in 2493. The ship carrying the colonists, the UK-201, crash-landed on Dido. Most of the passengers survived the crash, but one night, unbeknownst to Vicki, Bennett murdered all the survivors other than her, as well as all but two of the native Dido people. (The Rescue)


When the TARDIS landed on Dido, Barbara used a flare gun to kill Vicki’s”pet” Didonian Sand Beast, Sandy, thinking it a threat to Vicki. It took effort on the part of Vicki to forgive Barbara for this. Bennett pretended he could not move his legs while Vicki took care of him. When The Doctor discovered the truth and the Didonians came to take revenge on Bennett, she was left with nobody. First Doctor” href=”1stdoctorpage”>The Doctor, perhaps because he missed his recently departed grand-daughter, asked Vicki to come with them, making her the first companion whom The Doctor was seen to willingly invite to travel in the TARDIS. (The Rescue)


Vicki travelled to ancient Rome, where she met Emperor Nero and inadvertently helped inspire him to ignite the Great Fire of Rome. (The Romans). Subsequently, she and her friends arrived on Vortis and encountered the Zarbi and their master, the Animus. (The Web Planet)

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki then travelled to 1868, where they attended a lecture by Thomas Huxley. The four of them travelled into the London Underground to investigate a group of missing students and discovered that the Zarbi had populated themselves in the there. Travelling further into the sewers, they found the Animus, who had reformed itself and had moved to Earth to take revenge on the human race. Ian was able to kill it by driving a train into it. The Doctor and his companions prepared to leave, but The Doctor discovered that his companions were missing; having been pulled out of time byan entity. (Prisoners of Time)

After visiting Earth during the Crusades (The Crusade) and facing the Moroks on Xeros (The Space Museum), Vicki and her cohorts were chased through many locations in time and space by the Daleks. Finally ending up on Mechanus, Ian and Barbara departed for their own time. (The Chase) When Vicki and The Doctor returned to the TARDIS, they found stowaway Steven Taylor aboard, who joined them on their continued travels. They soon faced the Monk in 1066. (The Time Meddler) The travellers then visited Galaxy 4, where they faced the deadly Drahvins. (Galaxy 4)


It would appear that most of Vicki’s skills and knowledge were based in science, but she also knew some history. When the travellers materialised on Earth during the Trojan War, she displayed her knowledge of Greek heroes and the Trojan Horse. While in Troy, Vicki was given the name Cressida by king Priam and met Troilus, a young Trojan. They fell in love and Vicki left The Doctor to be with him. (The Myth Makers) Their tale would later be written as a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer and as a play by William Shakespeare.

After a few years, Vicki encountered the Eighth Doctor” href=”8thdoctorpage”>Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard and William Shakespeare, after an adventure with the Daleks. Vicki believed this Doctor to be a younger version of the Doctor she knew. However, she eventually learnt his true identity, and William used this adventure to inspire his poem he would write. (Apocrypha Bipedium)

Vicki was the replacement for The Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan (Carole Ann Ford), who was the first companion to leave Doctor Who; Ford was displeased with the lack of her character’s development.[6] In contrast to Susan, Vicki was conceived as an Earth orphan from the future; the production team considered many names from here, some of them odd like”Luckky” and”Tanni”. Maureen O’Brien had just come out of drama school when she was cast; it was her first television acting job. Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman told O’Brien that they were considering having her cut her hair and dye it black. O’Brien refused, saying, “Why don’t you just get Carole Ann Ford back?”


At some point, Vicki was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken. Her memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (The Day of the Doctor)

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