Terror of the Vervoids

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Terror of the Vervoids


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20335-6
Publication Date 18 February 1988


The Time Lords have brought the Sixth Doctor to trial, accusing him of gross interference in the affairs of other planets. If he is found guilty he must forfeit all his remaining regenerations.

In his defence The Doctor tells of an adventure set on board the Hyperion III space liner in his future. Answering a distress call, The Doctor and Melarrive on the liner just as a series of grisly murders begins.

Who is behind the murders? Do the enigmatic Mogarians have anything to do with them? Who sent the distress call to the TARDIS? And what hideous menace lies waiting in the Hydroponic Centre?



  • Prologue

  1. The Defence Begins
  2. Identity Crisis
  3. Welcome Aboard
  4. Limbering up
  5. Tiger Trap
  6. The Booby Trap
  7. The Fateful Harvest
  8. The Demeter Seeds
  9. A Change of Course
  10. Death of An Imposter
  11. A Plethora of Suspects
  12. The Isolation Room
  13. Quirky Phenomena
  14. The Enemy Within
  15. Deadly Disposal
  16. A Heinous Crime
  17. The Black Hole of Tartarus
  18. A Deadly Intruder
  19. A Whiff of Death
  20. Hijack
  21. A Sacrificial Goat
  22. Dénouement
  23. Philosophy of a Vervoid
  24. The Life Cycle

  • Epilogue


  • There are extra trial room scenes of the Valeyard complaining about the absence of the Doctor from the early sequences and attempting to blame him for Bruchner’s death. (These were recorded and are included as deleted scenes on the DVD.)
  • More emphasis is placed on The Valeyard using the same phrase that The Doctor supposedly used in the faked conversation with Mel.
  • It is mentioned that Kimber is going to Earth to visit his son and grandchildren and that the watch left behind after he is killed has an inscription from them.
  • It is more clear than on screen that the Mogarians are killed by having acid thrown over their face plates, damaging them and exposing them to the Earthlike atmosphere.
  • Mel, Janet and Doland are accompanied by guards when they find the dead Mogarians on the bridge.
  • Lasky is given back story as the daughterof an unemotional scientist whose mother was fond of plants and died when she was young.

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