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Galactic Federation

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The Dark Path

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Mission: Impractical


The Veltochni were a species of arboreal humanoids.

The Veltrochni were large, up to three metres tall. They could lift objects the size of a human. Their bodies were adapted to climbing which helped them fight against other races who were stuck on the ground, and they could scale sheer surfaces with no problem. They had powerful limbs with sharp claws and long fingers. Their hands had four digits, while their feet had three. They were covered in brown, scaly skin. Veltrochni had rows of quills down their heads and backs, which would dull and break with age. Their senses of smell and hearing were better than those of humans. Veltrochni had dog-like jaws which retracted to show emotion.

Veltrochni had deep, hissing voices. They made a rumbling purr to show amusement and twitched theirears instead of nodding. (The Dark Path)


The Veltrochni were divided into Great Houses. Each was led by a council and which controlled large regions. These Houses were, in turn, split into Packs led by Pack-Leaders. Packs were formed from members of other Packs and were granted Pack status by the Houses. Examples of Packs include Pack Huthakh (which was wiped out in 3375) and Pack Zanchyth.

Mates for Veltrochni were chosen by the elders. Young Veltrochni, known as cubs, were free-spirited, playful, and mischievous. Once they reached adulthood, Veltrochni were expected to act more maturely and fulfill a purpose in society.

The Veltrochni referred to all humanoids as Iirdmon. (The Dark Path)

Veltrochni made tree sculptures. (Sanctuary)


Veltrochni Dragon cruisers were sleek ships used for attack. They were dragonfly-like in appearance, with devices to catch solar winds that looked like wings. They were capable of cloaking themselves and used quantum lances in attack. Dragon cruisers carried small probes for spying. Veltrochni also used bulkier ships for transport. Packs owned fleets of ships, which were crewed entirely by members of a family.

Veltrochni used transmats to travel from ship to ship. They also used Viewing cubes to show information.

Veltrochni used special suits with holographic emitters. These emitters would allow them to be nearly invisible, or take the form of another species. They would also absorb energy from energy weapons. These suits also had communicators attached to a wrist. (The Dark Path)


The Veltrochni were an older species, existing before many other known species. (The Dark Path) they may have made stone tablets about the Great Old Ones. (White Darkness)

In 2172, the Veltrochni were located around Veltroch and were invaded by the Tzun Confederacy. (First Frontier) A whole generation was wiped out by the Tzun. Eventually, the Packs joined forces and fought back against the Tzun, crushing the confederacy and forcing the survivors to escape. The Veltrochni destroyed many of the planets of the Confederacy, even though some were also victims of the Tzun. (The Dark Path) By 2174, they had rendered S’Arl, the Tzun homeworld, uninhabitable. (First Frontier)

In the 23rd century, the Veltrochni encountered humans. Gustav Zemler’s Special Forces fought against the Veltrochni. (The Janus Conjunction)

In the 25th century, the Earth Empire started to form. The Veltrochni were afraid of annexation again (or brutal destruction by the Empire) and many Packs left Veltroch. By the 34th century, nearly half of the Veltrochni were in a diaspora.

In 3375, the ships of Pack Huthakh were wandering through the galaxy when they encountered the Darkheart colony. They were destroyed by the Imperial colony. Pack Zanchyth sent Pack-Leader Brokhyth to investigate the disappearance of the Pack. (The Dark Path)

Circa 2,000,000, the criminal Jack Chance stole a national treasure from Veltroch. (Mission: Impractical)


The Veltrochni were invented by David A. McIntee for his pitched story Moebius Trip, which was rejected by Peter Darvill-Evans for not “think[ing] bigger”.[1]

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