Vega VI



Vega VI


Vega system

First Seen In:

Invasion of the Daleks

First Seen In:

Museum Peace


Vega VI was the sixth planet in the Vega system.


The planet had vast marshlands which required the use of water taxis to travel across. It was rich in minerals, including the exceedingly rare veganite. Following the invasion, the planet was left scorched and filled with robotising plants. (Invasion of the Daleks)


Vega VI attracted the interest of the Reinsberg Institute after receiving a contract from the Earth Alliance Space Security Service, having Susan Mendes look into veganite deposits for Project Infinity. (Invasion of the Daleks, Project Infinity) It was also visited by Alby Brook, in search of Kalendorf.

Six months following Alby’s arrival, The Daleks shot down the SD Victorious, which crashed into Vega City and was followed by their proclamation of dominion over the Vega system. The Dalek invasion of Vega VI commenced, prior to which some humans managed to escape. The planet was bombarded and left scorched and radioactive, after which The Daleks built robotising plants and forced the survivors to begin mining veganite. (Invasion of the Daleks)

After the Great Catastrophe, a museum was built there dedicated to the Second Great Dalek Occupation. The Eighth Doctor and Kalendorf witnessed a child being killed there by a seemingly inert Dalek. (Museum Peace)


As mentioned in Dalek Empire: The Scripts, Vega VI was originally called Vega IV before Clayton Hickman said that it sounded like “vague guffaw”.

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