Varun Singh

Varun Singh



Varun Singh

22 October 2016 to 3 December 2016

First Seen In:
For Tonight We Might Die

Last Appearance:

The Lost

Main Actor:

Aaron Neil

Numberof Series:



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Varun Singh (died 2016) was the fatherof Ram Singh. He was married to Janeeta Singh. (Joyride) Varun was a Sikh, and practiced Kesh. He had a beard, and wore a turban at all times. (Brave-ish Heart, For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

Varun was a dental surgeon and ran his own dental surgery practice (Joyride) at Franley House. He was a fan of the film The Lord of the Rings. (Brave-ish Heart)

Varun cared very much about his son and would be at every one of his football training sessions. (For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

He helped Ram practice from a young age, lining up the balls for him, when he was so small he’d sometimes fall over them. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

When Ram revealed what had been happening to him, and showed Varun his prosthetic leg, he encouraged his son to keep on practicing until he got better again. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) Varun felt bad that he could not tell his wife the truth, but Ram made him promise. (Co-Ownerof a Lonely Heart) When Tanya Adeola told him that Ram had travelled to the Underneath he went to Coal Hill to escape the killer petal attack. After April opened a tear back to Earth he went to the Underneath to get Ram back. (Brave-ish Heart)

When Miss Quill told him that Ram did not attend school, he cancelled all appointments for the day at his dental surgery and returned home to search for his son. After Ram returned home safely, Varun was afraid to let him out of his sight and even wanted to accompany him to Poppy’s funeral, but Ram vetoed it. Ram also decided to keep the whole business of somebody else controlling his body to himself, in order not to scare his dad even further. (Joyride)

In December, Varun was helping |Ram train at football. When Ram eventually gave up and threw his ball down, Varun demanded the he shouldn’t and wouldn’t let him give up. Corakinus then stabbed him with his Shadow Kin sword. It killed him, Ram ran over a placed the faintest touch upon Varun’s burning face causing him to reduce to dust. Corakinus then stating the he was number”1″ on his kill list. (The Lost)


Aaron Neil, who plays this fatherof a Coal Hill student, has also played a Coal Hill teacher, A. Dunlop, in the television story The Magician’s Apprentice. This is perhaps the reason the latter’s name is seen the on roll of honours board in Aaron’s first story as Varun.

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