Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point
Vanishing Point


Imagine a world where death has meaning, where God exists and faith is untested. Where people die with the purpose of their lives made clear to them in blissful understanding. Such a world exists, hidden on the far side of the universe where a battered blue police box has just faded into being…

But unknown to the populace, unknown even to the Creator, an alien evil has stalked this world for hundreds of years. When The Doctor, Fitz and Anji arrive, they soon find themselves embroiled in the alien’s final, desperate plans for this planet – and in the hunt for a murderer who cannot possibly exist…

Unnatural deaths are being visited on the people. Campaigns of terror threaten to tear this world apart. It seems that the prophecy of the Vanishing Point where all life shall meet all death under the Creator’s aegis is coming to pass. For when God exists, prophecy, however fantastic or deadly, is fact.


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  • Vanishing Point was the forty-fourth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Stephen Cole. It featured The Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Anji Kapoor.
  • The Doctor says that he might be of mixed heritage. (The TV Movie)
  • Fitz sprains his ankle after falling off a cliff side and is later shot in the same leg. He spends most of the story unable to walk and at one point must be carried bridal-style (“almost romantically”) by The Doctor.
  • Fitz wears “navy-blue pants with a large carrot on the front, ” much to Anji’s embarrassment after having to strip him.
  • Fitz admits to Anji his mother called him “mooncalf” and explain it means “someone who idles away the day, “but also “idiot, freak, or monster.”
  • Anji muses about “What I Learned in Outer Space by Anji Kapoor – impressive pause – they have bigger cows.”

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