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Vanessa Moretti




The Stone Rose


Vanessa Moretti (born 2359) was the 16-year-old daughterof Salvatorio Moretti, who invented the GENIEs in the 24th century. Not knowing one was near her, she wished she could have lived “back then”. Upon hearing this, the GENIE transported her from 2375 to 2nd century Rome. The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler met her there in 120 AD. They brought her back to her home time before the GENIE was invented, telling her to convince her father never to create it. (The Stone Rose)


When Vanessa first landed in Rome in 120 A.D., the first person she happened to come across was a greedy man by the name of Balbus, who, upon realising she had sophisticated knowledge, accused herof being a runaway slave and claimed her as his own. Spreading rumours that she was a fortune teller, people came to her to find out about their futures. Unfortunately, Vanessa could not see the future and knew very little of astrology, and generally made the best guesses she could as to what would happen to the people who came to see her. Being as intelligent as she was, her guesses were normally very accurate, and she became well-known.

Gnaeus Fabius Gracilis heard of her from a barkeep and sought herout to see if she could tell him anything about his missing son, Optatus. He offered Balbus a lot of money to speak to Vanessa. She began making random calculations trying to stall for time, and Rose quickly realised that Vanessa had no idea what to say to him. The Tenth Doctor recognised very advanced mathematics from the 24th century, and assumed she could actually see into the future.

Eventually, Gnaeus haggled with Balbus, trying to buy Vanessa from him to bring her to his villa so she could investigate into Optatus’ whereabouts. Rose was thoroughly disgusted by the two men, haggling over a human being like she was an object.

Upon being brought to the villa, Marcia Gracilis began telling Vanessa Optatus’ life story in hope of it helping her determine where he might be. Still not knowing what to say, Rose rescued her from the situation, saying she needed to meditate on the information.

Vanessa couldn’t figure out where Optatus was, and merely followed The Doctor’s lead. When The Doctor found out about Ursus’ ability, he tried to find Rose’s statue and he and Vanessa split up to try to find her. The Doctor did not see her for days afterwards.

They met up again and followed Ursus’ wagon, finding Rose’s statue in it and using the formula to reverse the effect. She, The Doctor, and Rose found Ursus in a decrepit shrine preparing to sacrifice a lamb to the goddess Minerva. Rose tried to stop him, but failed. Vanessa was terrified when Minerva absorbed the entire slain lamb. Ursus tried to attack her and she dodged him, causing him to fall upon his own dagger, and Minerva absorbed him too.

The Doctor wished that Minerva reveal its true from and Vanessa recognised her father’s invention. It was at this point that The Doctor came to the conclusion that she was from the future, and helped her back to her own time. The Doctor warned her that while her father’s laboratory and research would be destroyed in the future, his mind would still exist and she must keep him from trying to make another GENIE. However, Vanessa did not remember this warning and after the destruction of the laboratory began contemplating asking her father to make her another GENIE. (The Stone Rose)

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