Vampire of the Mind

Vampire of the Mind
Vampire of the Mind

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor),  Alex Macqueen (The Master), John Standing (Professor Threadstone), Kate Kennedy (Heather Threadstone), Neil Edmond (Boatman/Guard/Blank), Catriona Knox (Landlady/Blank), Elliot Levey (Gobernar/Blank).


Somewhere off the South Coast of England, there’s a lonely island. On that island stands a solitary castle, long since abandoned – haunted, they say. But the truth is, that castle houses something far worse than mere ghosts.

The castle is what lies at the end of a trail followed by The Doctor in search of several missing scientists – all of them connected to the top secret Dominus Institute and its elusive CEO, Sir Andrew Gobernar…

But The Doctor will soon discover that he’s the one being haunted, by a ghost from his past… or perhaps, his future.

Written by: Justin Richards
Directed by: Jamie Anderson


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Vmpire of the Mind was the 212th Big Finish Release

Written by: Justin Richards
Director: Jamie Anderson
Sound Design: Andy Hardwick
Music: Andy Hardwick
Cover Art: Simon Holub
Number of Discs: 2
Duration: 120′ approx
Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78178-885-1
Production Code: BFPDWCD212
Recorded Dates: 9th, 11th November 2015
Recorded At: The Moat Studios

When Heather asks The Doctor if it is safe to proceed, he replies, “Oh, I shouldn’t think so for a moment”. (The Web of Fear)
The Doctor claims that he has “the directional instinct of a homing pigeon”. (The Chase)
The Doctor again uses a hairpin that once belonged to Marie Antoinette as a lock-pick. (Pyramids of Mars)
The Doctor refers to UNIT capturing The Master at Devil’s End (The Dæmons) and his subsequent imprisonment (The Sea Devils).
The Doctor tells Heather and Professor Threadstone that The Master has a penchant for disguises. (Castrovalva, Time-Flight, The King’s Demons)
The Doctor cites his UNIT password as “Buffalo”, which he still uses in his ninth incarnation. (World War Three)
While tied up, The Doctor tells himself that he should have taken the same escapology lessons as Jo Grant. (Terror of the Autons)
The Mind Leach absorbs The Doctor’s short term memory, causing him to forget what this incarnation of the Master looked like. The Doctor once again met this version of the Master for the “first time” during his seventh incarnationat that time, The Master was posing as a future incarnation of the Doctor. (Dominion)
One of the blanks says, “When I say ‘run’, run.” (The Tomb of the Cybermen) Another says, “I have reversed the polarity of the neutron flow”. (The Sea Devils)
The Doctor mentions that The Master’s TARDIS might be a grandfather clock (The Deadly Assassin, The Keeper of Traken, And You Will Obey Me), an iron maiden (The King’s Demons) or a horsebox (Terror of the Autons).
The boatman was later revealed to be an agent of a future version of the Master. (The Two Masters)
The Master is using the alias “Dr. Damien Scott”.
The island is home to one of the prisons where UNIT held The Master.
Sir Andrew Gobernar’s sister has advanced Alzheimer’s disease.
The Master chose “Dominus” (the Latin word for “master”) and manipulated Gobernar (whose surname is the Spanish word for “master”) as part of the trap for The Doctor.
The Mind Leach is a native of Carmentia.
The Master believes himself to be suffering from post-regeneration amnesia. In actuality, he has not regenerated at all, having instead had his body switched with a future incarnation of himself.

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