Vampire Science

Vampire Science
Vampire Science

In the days when the Time Lords were young, their war with the Vampires cost trilleditions of lives on countless worlds. Now the Vampires have been sighted again, in San Francisco. Some want to coexist with humans, using genetic engineering in a macabre experiment to find a new source of blood. But some would rather go out in a blaze of glory – and UNIT’s attempts to contain them could provoke another devastating war.

The Doctor strikes a dangerous bargain, but even he might not be able to keep the city from getting caught in the crossfire. While he finds himself caught in a web of old feuds and high-tech schemes, his new companion Sam finds just how deadly travelling with The Doctor can be.


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  • Vampire Science was the second release in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum. While the previous novel had introduced Samantha Jones, this novel was the first to explore and flesh out the major details of her character, back story and motivations.
  • Sam Jones is 17 years old. She has very short blond hair and looks a bit butch (to Carolyn in 1976). Her parents were children of the 1960s and in heropinion heronly methods of acting out could have been to become a major drug addict or join the Conservative Party. She gets bit and fed on by Weird Harold.
  • Carolyn McConnell meets The Doctor and Sam in 1976 and then again in 1997 when she sends him a hypercube. When she first sees The Doctor and Sam she is quite possibly interested in both of them.
  • Joanna Harris was born in Canterbury the day William the Conqueror died, which would make her around 900.
  • The Doctor states it’s been three years since his regeneration in The TV Movie
  • The character space that Carolyn McConnell inhabits was originally written for the character Grace Holloway (from The TV Movie), but clearance couldn’t be sought to use the character. The first chapterof anearly draft with Grace was published in the charity anthology Perfect Timing.

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