Val Cane



Val Cane





Main Actor:

Lindsey Coulson


Val Cane was a human who was married to Biff Cane. They had a son, Jethro Cane.

When the family was on a tour bus on the planet Midnight, the electrics failed. She and her husband told the Tenth Doctor about their holidays.

When the shuttle bus stopped suddenly and the Midnight entity attacked Sky Silvestry, possessing her, the couple became frightened and wanted to throw herout.

As soon as the entity appeared to possess The Doctor, Val became adamant that it was in him and not Sky. As Biff dragged The Doctorout to the bus’ rear door, she screamed to throw him out. After the hostess sacrificed herself to kill the entity which was still possessing Sky, she tried telling The Doctor that she always had said it was Sky. However, the exchange showed that The Doctor knew this was a lie and Val’s expression revealed her guilt and shame. (Midnight)

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