Recent Updates

Changes made between Monday 21st January, 2008 and Thursday 18th December, 2008

New Sites

  • Mirrors of the Web Guide: DWWG @ Transcendental Time Vortex, (Simon Hoggarth)
  • Story Guides: World of Doctor Who, (Scott Berry) – extensive details on every televised story of Who and its spinoffs
  • Oddities: Dr Who Figures, (Sebastien Hamilton) – details, pictures and reviews of figure toys available and coming soon
  • Baddies: Planet of the Daleks – a site dedicated to everything Dalek
  • Personalities: Georgia Moffett, (Alan Woodward) – fansite dedicated to Peter Davison’s daughter, the actress who played The Doctor’s Daughter opposite David Tennant
  • Blogs:

  • Creative Works:

    • Genesis Ark, (Andy Hackett) – offers a large selection of original DVD covers and wallpapers
    • Whovonia – Gallifreyan Renegades – an artwork site. Free registration required to view
    • Zero Room – fan fiction site with over 200 stories from Doctor Who and its spin- off series

  • Online Magazines:

  • Other Productions:

    • Botcherby’s Fan Audios Database – highlighting fan produced Dr Who audio dramas, and relevant spinoffs
    • Cheeky Monkey Pictures, (Adam Manning) – home of the Tyranny of the Daleks on video download
    • Fanz, (Stuart Robinson) – an audio sitcom about Dr Who fans! Free registration required to download
    • Timelord, (Darren Adams) – streaming video of the first two parts of a new amateur production

  • Miscellaneous Pages:

    • Barlow’s Who – showcasing the merchandise collection of a group of friends
    • Doctor Who Polska – a site promoting Doctor Who in Poland
    • Gallifrey – a growing collection of media, images and biographies
    • The TARDIS – news, downloads and forum from enworld
    • TimeWinds, (Roger Boyes) – news and features on Doctor Who and other sci-fi tv shows
    • Universe of Action Figures – photo scenes composed using Dr Who action figures
    • WhovianNet – a news site which also features notable quotes and trivia per episode for season four
    • Your Face is an Advert – The Doctor Who section of a site that offers news and opinion

  • Newsgroups and Chat Forums:

Updated Sites

Removed Sites

  • Story Guides:

    • Alan Kistler’s Profiles on Doctor Who, (Alan Kistler) – no longer at
    • Doctor Who Critiques, (John ‘Speedy’) – no longer at

  • Reviews:

    • Doctor Who Audios: Rate’n’Review, (Damon Querry) – was at
    • He! He! He! (The Master’s Laugh) – no longer at

  • Oddities: Babel Fish Colourisation Website (The), (Stuart Humphryes) – no longer at
  • Baddies:

    • Davros & I, (Steve Worman) – content no longer available
    • Doctor Who of the Daleks, (Chris Balcombe) – no longer at

  • Personalities:

    • 9 Lives – The Colin Baker Tribute Site, (Ron Mallett) – no longer at
    • Ben Jackson (Michael Craze) – no longer at
    • Christopher Eccleston Info – content no longer relates to Christopher Eccleston

  • Blogs:

    • Goldfish & Paracetamol, (Paul Greaves) – no longer at
    • Nothing at the End of the Lane – no longer at www.nothingat theend of
    • Raxacoricofallapatorius, (Tom Beck) – postings stopped in 2005
    • Target Blog (The), (Paul Greaves) – no longer at
    • Trial of a Time Lord, (Jordan Wilson) – no content

  • Creative Works:

    • Light in the Dark, (Huw Wilkins) – no longer at
    • Nerva Beacon, (Daniel Stimson) – content unavailable, and link removed by request
    • Nostalgia for an age yet to come, (nostalgia) – no longer at
    • PEAhopeless Doctor Who -based fan fiction, (Peahopeless) – no longer at
    • The tardis rooms, (Paul Aslin) – no longer at

  • Fun Stuff: Doctor Who – The Musical, (bingo99) – no longer at
  • Online Magazines:

    • Sofa of Reasonable Comfort (The) [WebZine], (Rebecca K. Dowgiert) – no longer at ofa/contents.html
    • The Doctor Who Fanzine Database, (Bob Furnell) – no longer at

  • Other Productions:

    • Bedlam Theatre Company, (Rob Thrush) – no longer at thedeep
    • Doctor Who Crossover Adventures (The), (Aron Toman) – no longer at
    • Doctor Who: The Celestial Toyshop, (Oblong Pictures) – no longer at
    • Doctor Who: Time Waits For No Man, (Clifford Hoeft) – no longer at
    • Dogma Audio Productions, (John Karp) – no longer at
    • Megropolis1 Productions, (Rob Tizzard) – no longer at

  • Miscellaneous Pages:

    • Biggeron the Inside, (Jockie) – no longer at
    • Critical Analysis, (John) – no longer at
    • Great Doors (The) – no longer at
    • Living Room Adventures (The), (Gavin) – no longer at
    •, (Michael Foster) – site removed and not replaced
    • Relative Dimension, (Robin Barnes) – no longer at
    • The Doctor’s Companion, (Gary Davison) – no longer at
    • Zygon’s Home Page – no longer at

  • Clubs & Societies:

    • TDWVS – Tulsa Doctor Who Viewing Society, (Bruce Rich) – no longer at
    • (UnearthlyChild) – no longer at

  • Conventions: Doctor Who Day, (Graham Groom) – no longer at
  • Newsgroups and Chat Forums:

  • Archives: You Know Who…, (Faiz Rehman) – no longer at
  • Commercial/Trading Sites:

    • Alex’s Doctor Who Sale, (Alex Rohan) – no longer at
    • DVD Bargains – Doctor Who Section, (Matthew Waters) – no longer at

  • Computer Resources: Pyramids of Mars and other Text Adventures, (Patrick Wigfull) – no longer at

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