Un official Annual 1988

Un official Annual 1988

Un official Annual 1988
Un official Annual 1988


Originally due for release back in March, the 1988 annual took a sideways trip and got lost in the vortex for a couple of months. But just like the TARDIS, the 1988 annual may have not materialised when it was originally supposed to, but the two month delay allowed for a couple of extra surprises to be added.

The 1988 annual comes in at 177 pages and includes contributions from well-known names such as John Freeman, Daryl Joyce, Alister Pearson, Bonnie Langford, Smuzz, Andy Walker, Paul McCaffrey, Shannon Gallant, Paul Mark Tams, and many more. And this time we have the sixth Doctor himself joining the list of contributors. “we are extremely humbled and grateful to the kindness of Colin Baker, who has written a very special foreword for the readers of the 1988 annual”.

The un official Dr Who annual 1988 is another great mix of stories, features, puzzles and artwork. And, thanks to the kindness of Bill Baggs and James Hornby, the Cyberons officially make an appearance in the annual. Although these Cyberons may not be the ones you’re expecting, redesigned by James Lee, their intergalactic menace proves to be a mighty force to be reckoned with.

But it’s not just the Cyberons The Doctor and Mel have to look out for. Within the pages of the 1988 annual, the great vampire Dracula is looking for blood – Time Lord blood!

As many will be aware, Bram Stoker created the original Dracula, and thanks to Dacre Stoker and Chris McAuley, we have been given permission to use the original Stoker Dracula in not one but three original blood curdling tales. The 1988 annual is certainly not a safe place for The Doctor and Mel.

and the Doctor makes a return to Kandalinga, where his first incarnation met the Fishmen. ‘The Coral Eaters’ is an epic sequel to ‘the Fishmen of Kandalinga’, written by Andrew McDonald, and illustrated by Faiz Rehman. The Fishmen of Kandalinga was a story from the pages of the very first Dr Who annual. And what better way to celebrate the annuals of the past, than by visiting some old friends, well maybe not friends…

Earlier this year, Terraqueous Distributors also invited you to make a £5 minimum donation to the charity ‘Lullaby Trust’, and all those who did, would have their name (or the name of a loved one) printed in the annual on the page of heroes. Terraqueous would like to thank everyone who donated, you have helped to raise more than £2, 780. This was done by single donations as well as yearly subscriptions, many of you donated far more than the required amount. You guys are heroes!

This annual also marks the end of an era – the 80’s era. World Distributors ended their run of classic Doctor Who annuals with the 1986 annual. With the release of the 1988 annual, Terraqueous have completed the 80’s run of the classic annuals, having previously released the 1987 and 1989 annuals.

So whats next – Terraqueous Distributors will be releasing the un official Dr Who annual 1997. This will be the only annual dedicated to the eighth Doctor, and will include a very special alternative cover by beloved artist Carolyn Edwards. And then we bridge the final gap with the 1990 and 1991 Yearbooks.

The Un official Dr Who Annual 1988, is a not-for-profit publication. Please visit the TERRAQUEOUS DISTRIBUTORS facebook page for further details and updates.

The price of the annual will be determined nearer the time of its release, when the precise date of publication and details of how it can be purchased will also be announced.


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