Unnatural History

Unnatural History
Unnatural History


“They called it the Millennium Effect”, said The Doctor.”But the millennium was only beginning.”

San Francisco has changed since the start of 2000. The laws of physics keep having acid flashbacks. There are sightings of creatures from outside our dimensions, stranded aliens and surrealist street performers. The city has become a mecca for those who revel in impossible creatures – and those who want to see them pinned down and put away.

Sam’s past is catching up with her – a past she didn’t know she had. The Doctor is in dangerof becoming the pièce de résistance in a twisted collection of creatures. And beneath the waters of the Bay, something huge is waiting.

With time running out, The Doctor must choose which to sacrifice – a city of wonders, or the life of an old and dear friend.


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  • Unnatural History was the twenty-third BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel. It was written by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum. It featured The Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and two versions of Samantha Jones. This novel explained several issues concerning Sam
  • Kyra Skye can see/read the “ley lines” of San Francisco. She discusses psychokinesis and Snoopy when she first meets Fitz.
  • Silver Nemesis suggests something of the sort, a scene cut from Remembrance of the Daleks suggests that The Doctor is “more than just another Time Lord”.
  • The events of The TV Movie began the anomalies throughout San Francisco.
  • The Doctor mentions that he used to smoke. The only televised occasion of this was An Unearthly Child.
  • Blinovitch (of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect) was mentioned in Day of the Daleks.

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