UNIT Dominion

UNIT Dominion
UNIT Dominion

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Beth Chalmers (Raine Creevy), Tracey Childs (Dr Elizabeth Klein), Alex Macqueen (The Other Doctor), Julian Dutton (Colonel Lafayette), Bradley Gardner (Sergeant Pete Wilson), Miranda Keeling (Sylvie/Liz Morrison), Ben Porter (Private Phillips/John Starr), Sam Clemens (Major Wyland-Jones), Alex Mallinson (Private Maynard/Arunzell), Sophie Aldred (Ace).


The universe stands on the brink of a dimensional crisis – and the Doctor and Raine are pulled into the very epicentre of it.

Meanwhile, on Earth, UNIT scientific advisor Dr Elizabeth Klein and an incarnation of the Doctorshe’s never encountered before are tested to the limit by a series of bizarre, alien invasions.

at the heart of it all is a terrible secret, almost as old as the Time Lords themselves. Reality is beginning to unravel and two Doctors, Klein, Raine and all of UNIT must use all their strength and guile to prevent the whole of creation being torn apart.





  • UNIT Dominion was the first story in Big Finish Productions’ Doctor Who Special Releases range in 2012.
  • Klein met Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart briefly before his retirement. Major Wyland-Jones describes him as “a great man “and tells Klein that UNIT files indicate that he worked with three different incarnations, namely the second, third and Fourth Doctor incarnations.
  • The Doctor hands Klein a space-time telegraph before he leaves.
  • The Master uses his Tissue Compression Eliminator to kill a Time Lord on Tersurus.
  • The Doctor says that he and The Master shared the same upbringing.

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