An Unearthly Child

An Unearthly Child
An Unearthly Child
An Unearthly Child


A Time Lord from another civilisation, The Doctor has travelled through time and space bringing thrilling cosmic adventures to millions of fans forover 35 years. Now the most familiar mystery figure in science-fiction, the traveller from another world and a distant future first captured a generation of viewers on November 23rd 1963. With the much missed William Hartnell as the first incarnation of the Doctor, this original uned classic adventure returns us to the days when he firs seized our imaginations and begged the question “Doctor Who?”

Visiting Britain in 1963 The Doctor’s grand-daughter has become a pupil at an ordinary school. A strange amalgam of teenage normality and uncanny intelligence she whets the curiosity of two teachers who become inextricably involved in The Doctor’s strange travels.Proving that time goes round in circles The Doctor blasts them back to a pre-civilized age of the Great Cold where tribal leaders battle for supremacy in a race to make fire. Thrown into the cave of skulls The Doctor and his companions soon realise that their lives depend on two alternatives: making fire without matches or escaping through the forest of fire.

Originally transmitted 23/11/63 – 13/12/63.

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An Unearthly Child was the very first episode of the show

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