The Underwater Menace

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The Underwater Menace


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20326-7
Publication Date 21 July 1988


When the TARDIS lands on a deserted volcanic island The Doctor and his companions find themselves kidnapped by primitive sea-people.

Taken into the bowels of the earth they discover they are in the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

offered as sacrifices to the fish-goddess, Amdo, The Doctor and his companions are rescued from the jaws of death by the famous scientist, Zaroff.

But tey are still not safe and nor are the people of Atlantis. For Zaroff has a plan, a plan that will make him the greatest scientist of all time – he will raise Atlantis above the waves – even if it means destroying the world



  • Prologue

  1. Under The Volcano
  2. Sacrifices To Amdo
  3. Professor Zaroff
  4. Escapees
  5. An Audience With The King
  6. The Voice of Amdo
  7. Kidnap
  8. ‘Nothing In The World Can Stop Me Now!’
  9. Desperate Remedies
  10. The Prudence of Zaroff
  11. The Hidden Assassin

  • Epilogue


  • Robinson’s novelisation gives Zaroff’s first name as Hermann.
  • The novel provides a slightly alternative fate for Zaroff. As The Doctor and Ben face an armed Zaroff, High Priest Lolem confronts Zaroff and the two fight each other. They then presumably drown whilst The Doctor and Ben escape to the higher levels.
  • It is said that Zaroff has been missing for twenty years.
  • Zaroff created the fish people through DNA resequencing based on Atlantean legends.
  • It is stated by Ara that Zaroff walks through the market place every day to inspect the drill head, thus this is where The Doctor stages his kidnap attempt. In the television story, the only reason he goes through the market is to look for The Doctor.
  • Lolem greets The Doctor and his companions on their arrival in Atlantis rather than Ramo, meaning Ramo doesn’t appear until The Doctor enlists him as an ally.
  • The Labour Controller is written as though he is a separate character from Damon, even though they are the same person in the television version.
  • Ara is said to be the daughter of a counciller who was killed after speaking out against Zaroff, with Nola having worked for the family.
  • It is explained by Sean that the Atlanteans do not settle on the surface because they consider their ground sacred.
  • Ara says that the grille behind Amdo’s statue was set up by the original priests to control the population, and her father showed it to her before he died. It is also said that even Lolem does not know about it.
  • It is said that Zaroff saved Thous from a deadly diseas

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