He Jests at Scars

He Jests at Scars
He Jests at Scars

He Jests at Scars

Regular Cast

Michael Jayston (The Valeyard), Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush), Anthony Keetch (Coordinator Vansell), Tim Preece (The President), Juliet Warner (Ellie Martin), Jane McFarlane (Nula), Mark Donovan (Gerrof), Gary Russell (Pakhar/Tannoy Voice/ Matrix Voice)


The thing about meddling with time is that one moment something is real, the next, it’s been erased. Probability becomes just a possibility. Established truth becomes a theoretical falsehood. Like dominoes, as one timeline falls, the others come cascading down around it.

You can engineer new timelines, new possibilities, but before long, the distinction between what is, what was, what might be and what never can be becomes blurred.

Out of this grow myths, lies and legends. The Doctor was one such legend, but no one knows whether he truly ever existed. Well, not now they don’t. The Mighty One, ruling the multiverses from the eternal city of Chronopolis, has made sure of that.



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  • He Jests at Scars… was the fourth Doctor Who Unbound audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. This was the first story not to feature an alternate Doctor, rather it featured Michael Jayston reprising his role as The Valeyard
  • The megabyte modem is mentioned twice.
  • Peri Brown, Evelyn Smythe, Ace, Hex, Charley Pollard and C’rizz are mentioned.
  • Ellie Martin appeared (in the non-Unbound universe) as a friend of Sarah Jane Smith.
  • A time ram is accidentally initiated by the Valeyard to the Fourth Doctor, when attempting to keep his younger self from reaching Logopolis with The Master. This is implied to be something contrived by the Web of Time.
  • Mel is given a time ring.

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