The Twilight Streets

The Twilight Streets
The Twilight Streets

It’s the start of a Cardiff autumn – the days are getting shorter, the dark evenings settling in. There’s a part of Cardiff that no one goes to much. No crime, no murders, just they stay away. A collection of old rundown houses and gloomy streets. Something’s not quite right there, something is off-kilter. Except now, the Council are renovating the area. And a new company have been employed to do this. And look: they’re going to organise street parties to show off the gentrified area. Clown and face-painters for the kids, street magicians for the adults. None of this is Torchwood’s problem. Except that Tosh recognises the man sponsoring the street parties when she’s passing one day: Bilis Manger!


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  • The Twilight Streets was the sixth release in the BBC Torchwood Novels series.
  • Jack reflects that an ancestor of his must be walking about on Earth right now – then realises he’s not actually sure if he’s descended from humans.
  • Alan Turing made a Rift Predictor for Torchwood Three called The Bronze Goddess.
  • In the alternate timeline, Gwen and Rhys have a son who they name Jack Ianto Geraint Williams, after Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, and Gwen’s father Geraint. In the real timeline, they will have a daughter Anwen (The New World).
  • The phrase Turn Left (Turn Left) is used frequently to describe the events leading to an alternate future.
  • Bilis Manger predicts Owen’s death on a couple of occasions, accompanied by a spectral image of the gun that kills him. (Reset)
  • Bilis Manger also appears to predict Ianto’s death (Children of Earth: Day Four) while also hinting something about him by asking is anyone ever knew who and what he really was.

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