Janet Rae Tanner

The Middle Men



Janet Rae Tanner



Place of Origin:



Administrative assistant


The Middle Men

Main Actor:

Ciera Payton


Janet Rae Tanner (born 1984) was an administrative assistant who worked at PhiCorp’s main headquarters in Los Angeles. Janet worked for Stuart Owens, a married man with whom she was having an affair. She met Jack Harkness at a nearby bar whilst enjoying an appletini. At their first meeting, Jack indicated that he had done considerable research on her. Quickly regurgitating her basic biographical details, he said that she was five foot nine inches, 119 pounds and 27 years old. The youngest daughter of Gerald and Elaine Tanner of Nantucket, Massachusetts, she had moved to California to go to university and received a bachelor’s degree in art history. She then went to work for PhiCorp as an administrative assistant, bought a hybrid car and settled into a lifestyle of going to the gym three times a week. (The Middle Men)

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