Torchwood Season Two DVD

Torchwood Season Two

Torchwood Season Two DVD


Number of DVDs: 5
DVD Number: BBCDVD2253
Certification: 15
Duration: 645 minutes
Release Date (UK): 30 June 2008 / 16 September 2008 (US) / 11 November 2008 (CANADA) / 2 October 2009 (AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND)


Torchwood The Complete Second Series contains all thirteen episodes of the popular Doctor Who spin- off series set in Cardiff. Captain Jack, from Doctor Who is in charge of Torchwood – a disparate crew of investigators, each an expert in his chosen field, searching desperately for alien debris that has fallen to earth. They’re beyond the rule of law – hired by the UK government and in a race to find the technology before the UN does, so that they might use it to fight crime here onearth.

Episodes comprise

‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’
‘To the Last Man’
‘Dead Man Walking’
‘A Day in the Death’
‘Something Borrowed’
‘From Out of the Rain’
‘Exit Wounds’.

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