Torchwood Series One Part One DVD



Torchwood Season One Part One
Torchwood Series One Part One DVD


Number of DVDs 2
DVD Number BBCDVD2122
Certification 15
Duration 250 minutes


Torchwood follows the adventures of a team of investigators led by the enigmatic Captain Jack. Set in present-day Britain, the team use scavenged alien technology in a very real world to solve crime – both alien and human. Separate from the government; outside the law; beyond the United Nations. Everyone who works for Torchwood is under 35. Some say that’s because it’s a new science. Others say it’s because they all die young….

The first five episodes of the popular Doctor Who spin-off series set in Cardiff. Captain Jack, from Doctor Who is in charge of Torchwood – a disparate crew of investigators, each an expert in his chosen field, searching desperately for alien debris that has fallen to earth. They’re beyond the rule of law – hired by the UK government and in a race to find the technology before the UN does so that they might use it to fight crime here on earth.

Episodes included: ‘Everything Changes’, ‘Day One’, ‘Ghost Machine’, ‘Cyberwoman’ and ‘Small Worlds’.

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