Project Twilight

Project Twilight

Project Twilight

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Maggie Stables (Evelyn), Holly De Jong (Amelia Doory), Rob Dixon (Reggie Mead), Rosie Cavaliero (Cassie), Stephen Chase (Nimrod), Rupert Booth (Doctor William Abberton/Matthew), Mark Wright (Mr. Deeks), Kate Hadley (Nurse), Daniel Wilson (Eddie), Gary Russell (Newsreader)


In the renovated docklands of South East London, on the bank of the river Thames, the doors of the Dusk are open for business. Bets are called, cards are dealt and roulette wheels spun. As fortunes are won and lost, an inhuman killer stalks the local avenues and alleyways – a killer with a taste for human flesh.

Is there more to casino owner Reggie ‘The Gent’ Mead or is he just a common gangster? What secrets are hidden in the bowels of the Dusk? And what connection does the apparently sleazy Bermondsey casino have to a long-buried government initiative known as Project: Twilight?

The Doctor must form uneasy alliances where the line between friend and enemy is blurred, playing games of chance.

But are the stakes too high?


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  • Project Twilight was the first story to feature The Forge. Consequently, it began a long-running story arc

  • The Doctor eats Peking duck with prawn crackers and chicken fried rice.
    The story was originally entitled Blood Money and did not feature the Forge. The Forge was added in the rewrite because Gary Russell was interested in the throwaway concept of the vampires keeping the authorities away by donating blood to hospitals. He wanted to see more of the concept of government-approved vampires.
  • The story was originally going to feature Askran, a villain from the Audio Visuals whom the writers liked, when this wasn’t allowed, Nimrod was created as a replacement. He only became a recurring villain because Wright and Scott were impressed by Stephen Chance’s portrayal
  • The “blood bags” on Clayton Hickman’s cover are actually Ariel Luiquitabs re-coloured in Photoshop.
  • The Doctor mentions meeting Harry Houdini (Planet of the Spiders) and that he once visited the court of Kublai Khan (Marco Polo).

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