Torchwood Golden Age

Torchwood Golden Age
Torchwood Golden Age

On the trail of a dangerous energy field, Torchwood are led to Delhi. There they witness the simultaneous disappearance of hundreds of people, and Jack discovers that the field centers on an old colonial mansion – Torchwood India.

Jack is shocked to find that Torchwood India is still going strong – he shut it down himself over 80 years ago. He’s even more surprised to find that its members, including his old flame the Duchess, haven’t aged a day.

What is the secret of their eternal youth, and how is it linked to the deadly energy field?

The team must find out – and they haven’t a moment to lose, for all the time the field is expanding…

Written specially for BBC Radio by James Goss, Golden Age stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack, Eve Myles as Gwen, and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto.

Contains adult themes and language.


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  • Full cast audio
  • Richard Mitchley (Gissing) previously played Arrex in Delta And The Bannermen.
  • Eleanor’s scheme is described as involving stealing potential energy from its victims — life they would have had. This is similar to how the Weeping Angels are said to work in Blink.
  • Winston Churchill is mentioned as partly to blame for the fall of India’s golden age by the Duchess, which leads her to target him as a threat to eliminate when she pushes the world back through time. Churchill would later appear and prove his dubious nature in Victory Of The Daleks.

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