The Troughton Years

The Troughton Years
The Troughton Years


“Are you ready? Hold tight! Here we go!”

A quick mind, a magical wit, a talent for the recorder – The Doctor’s second incarnation in the guise of Patrick Troughton had all these plus a talent for keeping just one step ahead of his enemies.

After his first appearance on 29th October 1966 in the by now classic regeneration scene, the Chaplinesque, cosmic hobo was born

Patrick Troughton’s friend and successor Jon Pertwee introduces three complete rare episodes:

as well as clips from:


  • The arrangement of the Doctor Who theme used for this and succeeding Years releases was originally arranged by Keff McCulloch for the 1989 album Doctor Who: Variations on a theme.
  • The Troughton Years was introduced by Jon Pertwee
  • The video was classified”G” in Australia. It was released in 1992 in America (CBS/FOX Video) and on 04/03/1992 in Australia (Polygram).

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