Trouble In Paradise

Trouble in Paradise
Trouble In Paradise


Responding to a desperate summons from the Doctor’s future self, he and Peri find themselves on a sailing ship in 1492, where the crewmen are gripped by superstitious fear. They say the Devil walks among them, stalking and striking them down.

Even though they have landed in paradise, they fear that ‘El Diablo’ himself will drag them over the edge of the world and into the depths of hell. When The Doctor and Peri meet the captain  of the ship, they both discover that heroes can sometimes behave un-heroically. Peri’s reaction leads her into deep water, and soon The Doctor fears not only for her life but also for the existence of the ship, the paradise island, and the Universe itself…


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  • Trouble in Paradise was the sixth release of the Destiny of the Doctor audio series, produced by Big Finish Productions
  • Peri’s father Paul Brown owned a Chevy, which she describes as a “jalopy.”
  • The Eleventh Doctor tells his sixth incarnation to obtain an omniparadox for him. He tells his younger self that he will need it in the future to save the universe.
  • Before realising his identity, Peri comments that the The Eleventh Doctor resembled what she imagined the Sixth Doctor’s son would look like if he settled down and had a family.
  • The Eleventh Doctor claims that his TARDIS has a GPS with the voice of Davros..
  • The Doctor wears cat cufflinks.
  • Peri refers to her encounters with George Stephenson in Killingworth in the 1820s (The Mark of the Rani), H. G. Wells on Karfel (Timelash) and Richard III in 1483 (The Kingmaker).

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