Biological Type:


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Notable Individuals:

The Engineer Prime
the Uncreator Prime
the Lawgiver


Storm Warning

Main Voice Actor:

Helen Goldwyn


The Triskele were a race of humanoids. They were barbarians, but later became peaceful.

The Triskele had a humanoid appearance. Being mindless beasts clouded by emotion and gut instinct, the Uncreators were easily frightened by something they deemed more ferocious than themselves. (Storm Warning)


The Triskele pillaged and plundered the cosmos for aeons, until they eventually decided to mend their ways by dividing themselves into three parts; the head, the heart and that which mediates between the two. Thus was born the Engineers, (the rational, thinking side of the race) the Uncreators (the impulsive, brutish side of their species who acted on raw instinct) and the Lawgiver (the embodiment of wisdom and free will who mediated between the head and the heart and decides what it is right to be done). There was only one Lawgiver at any one time.

In the winterof 1929, a Triskele spacecraft containing the Engineer Prime crash-landed in Great Britain, where it was recovered by military forces. Despite believing it at first to be the result of some foreign experiment, Lord Tamworth, Minister of the Air, soon discovered the truth about the alien visitor. By enlisting the help of the psychic Madame Zelda, he was able to communicate with the creature and arrange a rendezvous with its people in the following October. Constructing the R101 to accomplish this goal, he was able to negotiate the safe return of their ambassador in the hopes of being rewarded with some of their advanced technology and weaponry, allowing Great Britain to topple any force that may stand against it. Along with his subordinate, Lieutenant-Colonel Frayling and the Eighth Doctor, Tamworth became a representative forone of the Triskelion. However, after the Lawgiver was accidentally shot, the Uncreators were able to break free and wreak havoc, using the British spy Peter Rathbone as their medium. Rebelling against their control, Rathbone shot the Uncreator Prime, with Tamworth being declared the new Lawgiver. Tamworth decided against taking the ship back to England or becoming the official Lawgiver. Instead, he stayed on-board to assist in rebuilding the Triskele and their society in the wake of the catastrophe. With everything back to the way it was, The Doctor and his new companion, Charlotte Pollard fled on their newly found pet Vortisaur, Ramsey, who took them back to the TARDIS While the R101 crashed into the hillside and perished as history intended. (Storm Warning)

Lord Richard Pollard spent years researching the R101 and could name everyone onboard from Lord Tamworth to “the lowliest cabin boy.” Several letters mentioned a rendezvous with a foreign power but he was never able to get to the bottom of it. (The Fall of the House of Pollard)

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