The Trial of a Timelord

The Trial of a Timelord 
The Trial of a Timelord 


“Gentlemen, may I remind you that this is a court of law and not a debating society for maladjusted, psychotic sociopaths.”

Thus speaks the Inquisitor in an attempt to establish some order at the High Council of the Time Lord’s trial of the Doctor. Charged with having engaged in conduct unbecoming a Time Lord, The Doctor must defend his honour, reputation and indeed his life in the face of damning accusations from the Valeyard.

Supported by irrefutable evidence from the Matrix – the High Council’s record of activities of all Time Lords – the case against The Doctor seems watertight. From the mysterious planet of Ravalox, to an encounter with Lord Kiv on the planet Thoros Beta and on to an inter-galactic space liner in the year 2986, The Doctor’s activities seem at best to have been unnecessary and at worst to have recklessly endangered the lives of others – including his two assistants, Peri and Mel!

But who exactly is this prosecutor known as the Valeyard? Can the Council believe the evidence provided by the Matrix? And, indeed, should The Doctor trust the High Council of the Time Lords to provide a fair trial?

Originally transmitted 6th September – 6th December 1986, this 14-part epic adventure is a welcome addition to The Doctor Who collection on BBC Video. It is available exclusively in this special limited edition tin to commemorate the programme’s 30th anniversary.

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