The Celestial Toymaker

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The Celestial ToymakerThe Celestial ToymakerThe Celestial Toymaker


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20251-1
Publication Date 20 November 1986


Somewhere outside space and time there waits the Celestial Toymaker, an enigmatic being who ensnares unwary travellers in his domain to play out his dark and deadly games.

Separated from the security of the TARDIS, the First Doctor is forced to play the complex trilogic game with the evil magician.

Meanwhile, Dodo and Steven must enter into a series of tests with, among others, the schoolboy Cyril and the King and Queen of Hearts.

If they lose, they are condemned to become the Toymaker’s playthings for all eternity. For in the malevolent wonderland that is the Celestial Toyroom, nothing is just for fun…



  1. Trapped
  2. Bring On The Clowns
  3. Snakes and Ladders
  4. The Hall of Dolls
  5. Siege Perilous
  6. The Last Deadly Sister
  7. Enter Mrs Wiggs and Sergeant Rugg
  8. The Ballroom
  9. The Final Test
  10. Stalemate


  • The Doctor indicates on a number of occasions that the Toymaker is one of a race of toymakers.
  • The cliffhanger in The Gunfighters is omitted, with the novel ending on The Doctor’s statement that they will encounter the Toymaker again.
  • Additional scenes compare the toys to nuclear weapons.

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