The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse
The Dollhouse

Regular Cast

Laila Pyne (Marlow Sweet), Kelly-Anne Lyons (Charley Du Bujeau), Ajjaz Awad (Gabi Martinez), Stuart Milligan (Don Donohue), Eve Webster (Valerie Fox), David Menkin (Brad), Guy Adams (Mr Beamish).  Other parts played by members of the cast.


1970s Los Angeles – the city of angels and broken dreams. Three remarkable women keep the West Coast safe from alien attacks – they are Torchwood Los Angeles.

So many young girls come to this city hoping for something better. For some, luck is just around the corner. Forothers that golden ticket never arrives and they just fade away.

But it’s not that simple. Everyone has a value to someone, and Torchwood are about to discover Hollywood’s darkest secret.



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  • The Dollhouse was the second audio story in the third season of the Big Finish Torchwood series.
  • Torchwood Los Angeles’s British contact praises their plan to infiltrate Donohue’s operation as a plan worthy of their Captain Harkness.
  • Following Charley’s death, Valerie Fox joins Torchwood Los Angeles.

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