Torchwood The Collection (series 1-3) DVD

Torchwood Seasons One to Three Set

Torchwood: Series 1-3 DVD


Number of DVDs: 14
DVD Number: BBCDVD3065
Certification: 15
Duration: 1600 minutes


Every episode from the first three seasons of the Doctor Who spin- off series set in Cardiff. Captain Jack is in charge of Torchwood – a disparate crew of investigators, each an expert in his chosen field, searching desperately for alien debris that has fallen to earth. They’re beyond the rule of law – hired by the UK government and in a race to find the technology before the UN does, so that they might use it to fight crime here onearth.

Includes series one, two and Children of Earth!

Season 1 episodes:

Everything Changes
Day One
Ghost Machine
Small Worlds
Greeks Bearing Gifts
they Keep Killing Susie
Random Shoes
Out of Time
Captain Jack Harkness
End of Days

Season 2 episodes:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
To the Last Man
Dead Man Walking
A Day in the Death
Something Borrowed
From Out of the Rain
Exit Wounds

Season 3 episodes:

Children of Earth – Day One
Children of Earth – Day Two
Children of Earth – Day Three
Children of Earth – Day Four
Children of Earth – Day Five

Torchwood – The collection (series 1-3) DVD DOES NOT contain Miracle Day.

Special Features

  • contains features as per the original box sets

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