Tomb of the Cybermen

Tomb of the Cybermen
The Tomb of the Cybermen


Limited to 3000 copies, released for Record Store Day 2018.

Patrick Troughton faces the dreaded Cybermen in the digitally remastered soundtrack of a classic BBC story, with linking narration by Frazer Hines

“You will be like us…”

On the planet Telos, The Doctor and his friends encounter a party of archaeologists intent on uncovering the mythical ‘tomb of the Cybermen’. Only The Doctor seems aware of the folly of this venture, but suddenly it’s too late – the ice tombs are open, and the Cybermen are coming back to life… Trapped underground with the Cyber Controller and his acolytes, including the vermin-like Cybermats, The Doctor and company learn that they are to be turned into a new generation of Cybermen. To make matters worse, there is treachery and double-crossing amongst the humans.

Can the Cyber menace be made dormant before it spreads out to the galaxy once again – and will The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria escape with their lives?

Patrick Troughton is The Doctor in this digitally remastered soundtrack of a classic BBC story. Frazer Hines, who played Jamie in these four BBC episodes from 1967, provides linking narration, and in a bonus interview, he also recalls the making of the Tomb of the Cybermen.

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