Tom Girton



Tom Girton


The Daemons

Main Actor:

Jon Croft


Tom Girton, (The Dæmons) also called Tom Wilkins, (Doctor Who and the Dæmons) was an inhabitant of Devil’s End and a member of the Master’s coven.

After seeing Olive Hawthorne protest the opening of the Devil’s Hump on television, Girton claimed “she should been put away years ago.” After the Third Doctor and Jo Grant arrived at the Cloven Hoof, he went of the church to inform The Master.

When Bert informed The Master that The Doctor was going to the heat barrier to see Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, The Master told Girton to steal the UNIT helicopter and try to kill The Doctor by forcing him into the heat barrier.

Mike Yates saw him getting into the helicopter and tired to stop Girton, but managed to knock Yates out long enough to take off in the helicopter.

After several failed attempts to kill The Doctor with the helicopter, Girton accidentally crashed into the barrier, killing himself. (The Dæmons)


Girton is renamed Tom Wilkins in the novelisation.

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