To The Death

To The Death
To The Death

Regular Cast

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller), Niky Wardley (Tamsin Drew), Graeme Garden (The Monk), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Campbell), Jake McGann (Alex Campbell), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)


He can’t be alive!.

After a last, futile fight-back against The Daleks, Lucie, Susan and Alex are heading home to England in the desperate hope of saving The Doctor’s life. But the true, terrible nature of the Daleks’ plan is beginning to emerge and the Monk has blood on his hands.

To defeat The Daleks, it can only be a struggle… to the death.





  • To the Death was the tenth and final release for the fourth series of the New Eighth Doctor Adventures.
  • Susan tells Lucie and Alex that she was held prisoneron a Dalek saucer and that she and her late husband David Campbell were in charge of dismantling all of the Dalek technology following the end of the first Dalek occupation. (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)
  • The Monk told Tamsin that he once did”freelance work ” for the Daleks. (The Daleks’ Master Plan)
  • The Doctor mentions that he once almost killed a caveman with a rock in 100, 000 BC. He tells Susan that he would have done so if Ian Chesterton had not stopped him. (An Unearthly Child)
  • The Doctor talks of the time he had the opportunity to avert The Daleks’ creation. (Genesis of the Daleks)

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