Timewyrm: Revelation

Timewyrm: Revelation
Timewyrm: Revelation

The parisheditioners of Cheldon Bonniface walk to church on the Sunday before Christmas, 1992. Snow is in the air, or is it the threat of something else? The Reverend Trelaw has a premonitedition, too, and discusses it with the spirit that inhabits his church. Perhaps The Doctor is about to visit them again?

Some years earlier, in a playground in Perivale, Chad Boyle picks up a half-brick. He’s going to get that creepy Dorothy who says she wants to be an astronaut. The weapon falls, splitting Dorothy’s skull. She dies instantly.

The Doctor has pursued the Timewyrm from prehistoric Mesopotamia to Nazi Germany, and then to the end of the universe. He has tracked down the creature again: but what trans-temporal trap has the Timewyrm prepared for their final confrontation?


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  • Timewyrm: Revelation is the fourth book in the New Adventures series, and the fourth (and final) book in the Timewyrm arc. It was written by Paul Cornell and features the Seventh Doctor and Ace.
  • The Doctor feels immense guilt over the deaths of Katarina, Sara Kingdom and Adric.
  • The Doctor’s mind has seven regions for his past and present selves.
  • Ace’s fear of clowns is mentioned, as well as her having a lock of Cheetah Person fur in her jacket.
  • The Doctor makes the sign of the Horns of Rassilon with his fingers.
  • The Timewyrm claims to have been around during: The Daleks’ Master Plan, Earthshock, Ghost Light, and The Curse of Fenric
  • Emily Hutchings is mildly telepathic.
  • Saul pushes Hemmings’ head along the surface of the moon through telekinesis alone.

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