The Time Monster

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The Time Monster


Pages 127
ISBN 0-426-11068-4
Publication Date 29 September 1977


Outside the bounds of this world lives Kronos, the Chronivore – a mysterious creature that feeds on time itself. Posing as a Cambridge professor The Master intends to use Kronos in his evil quest for power.

To stop him, The Doctor and Jo must journey back in time to Ancient Atlantis and to a terrifying confrontation within the Time Vortex itself.

But can even The Doctor save himself from the awesome might of the Time Monster?



  1. The Nightmare
  2. The Test
  3. The Summoning
  4. The Ageing
  5. The Legend
  6. The Ambush
  7. The High Priest
  8. The Secret
  9. Time Attack
  10. Take- off
  11. The Time-Eater
  12. Atlantis
  13. The Guardian
  14. The Captives
  15. The Return of Kronos


  • The Master speculates on how Rassilon used the time-scoop, and how he got on well with Percival’s predecessor.
  • There are a few minor spelling changes: The Master’s alias Thascales becomes Thascalos, Percival becomes Perceval and Miseus become Myseus.
  • Thascalos is not revealed to be The Master until he hypnotises Perceval.
  • The sequence of Krasis disappearing from the temple is omitted.
  • Lakis is not dragged out of the King’s Chamber after delivering her message.
  • The lack of casualties in the Roundhead battle is explained by Yates ordering his men to fire above their heads.
  • The Brigadier addressing Yates as “Mike” after the V1 explosion is changed.
  • Galleia tells The Doctor to leave after freeing him, knowing her people are doomed.
  • On page 61, Perceval is referred to as Humphrey Perceval. This seems to be a mistake, since on otheroccasions his first name is given as Charles, as in the televised version. (In both versions, Cook’s first name is given as Humphrey.)

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