The Time of the Daleks

The Time of the Daleks
The Time of the Daleks

Regular Cast

Paul McGann (The Doctor), India Fisher (Charley), Dot Smith (General Mariah Learman), Julian Harries (Major Ferdinand), Nicola Boyce (Viola), Jem Bassett (Kitchen Boy), Mark McDonnell (Priestly), Lee Moone (Hart), Ian Brooker (Professor Osric), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voice), Clayton Hickman (Dalek Voice/ Yokel), Robert Curbishley (Marcus), Ian Potter (Mark Anthony/Army officer/Tannoy), Don Warrington (Rassilon)


The Doctor has always admired the work of William Shakespeare. So he is a little surprised that Charley doesn’t hold the galaxy’s greatest playwright in the same esteem. In fact she’s never heard of him.

Which The Doctor thinks is quite impossible.

General Mariah Learman, ruling Britain after the Eurowars, is one of Shakespeare’s greatest admirers, and is convinced her time machine will enable her to see the plays’ original performances.

Which The Doctor believes is extremely unlikely.

The Daleks just want to help. They want Learman to get her time machine working. They want Charley to appreciate the first ever performance of Julius Caesar. They believe that Shakespeare is the greatest playwright ever to have existed and venerate his memory.

Which The Doctor knows is utterly impossible.



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  • The Time of the Daleks was the thirty-second monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • The Doctor calls himself Ramsey McCrimmon. The first name was suggested by Charley – the name of their vortisaur, and the Doctor chooses McCrimmon – the family name of a previous companion.
  • The Daleks mention the Library of Kar-Charrat.
  • The Daleks using mirrors for time travel first appeared in The Evil of the Daleks.
  • Revelation of the Daleks first demonstrated how humans could be turned into Daleks.
  • Neverland reveals the identity of the narrator quoting Shakespeare as well as the cause of the time disruptions.
  • Mirrors were also used by UNIT for the purpose of time travel in Turn Left.

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