The Time War Volume 1

The Time War Volume 1

The Time War Volume 1

Regular Cast

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Olivia Vinall (Sheena), Nimmy March (Rupa Maguire), David Ganly (Quarren Maguire), Sean Murray (Captain Darvor), Hywel Morgan (Koloth / Jefferson), Laurence Kennedy (Purser Lunney / Aymor / Chancellor), Rakhee Thakrar (Bliss), Karina Fernandez (Captain Tamasan), Jacqueline Pearce (Ollistra), Nick Brimble (Commander Harlan), Katy Sobey (Veeda), Okezie Morro (Norvid), and Nicholas Briggs (Dal / Dalek Commander / Dalek Drone / daleks)


The Doctor battles for survival in the early stages of the Time War:

1. The Starship of theseus by John Dorney

The Doctor and his companion, Sheena, land the TARDIS on the glamorous luxury space-liner Theseus just as it’s about to leave the Jupiter space-port. An opportunity for a holiday presents itself – and it’s one they’re very glad to take.

But when a disturbance catches their attention, they realise sinister events are taking place on board. Passengers are vanishing on every trip. And unless they’re careful they may be next.

Can The Doctor and Emma solve the mystery? Or is there something else they should be worrying about?

2. Echoes of War by Matt Fitton

Colliding with the full force of the Time War, The Doctor crash-lands on a jungle world with a ragtag band of refugees.

To stay alive, they must cross a landscape where time itself is corrupted. A forest which cycles through growth and decay, where sounds of battle are never far away, and where strange creatures lurk all around.

Luckily, The Doctor has friends: not only plucky scientist Bliss, but another, much more unlikely ally. Its name is ‘Dal’…

3. The Conscript by Matt Fitton

Cardinal Ollistra has a new tactic to persuade The Doctor to join his people’s fight. With his friends locked away, he has been conscripted alongside fellow Gallifreyans to train for the front lines of battle.

Commandant Harlan has a reputation – his camp’s regime is harsh. He believes the Time Lords must adapt to win this war, but The Doctor is not easily intimidated.

Can there be any place for dissent when the Time War looms so close?

4. One Life by John Dorney

As the full force of the Time War crashes down around The Doctor and his friends, a desperate battle for survival ensues.

But not everyone is playing the same game. Ollistra is after a weapon that could end the war in a stroke and she’ll sacrifice anyone or anything to take it back to Gallifrey. Even The Doctor.

Surrounded by Daleks, and on a tortured planet, only one man can save the day. But he doesn’t want to fight.

A special run of prequels to Doctor Who: The War Doctor.

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor Ken Bentley
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs



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The Starship of theseus was the first audio story in the anthology The Doctor: The Time War 1. It starred Paul McGann as The Doctor.
Due to the temporal anomalies caused by the Time War, The Doctor lands on theseus when it is a luxury liner taking passengers on holiday, cutting costs by sacrificing victims to pan-dimensional beings that live on certain hyperspace lanes to prevent the entire ship being destroyed. Its history is changed to a converted liner that is transporting refugees away from the Time War, with the ‘sacrifices’ being ‘volunteers’.
The Doctor muses that the last time he heard of missing passengers on a flight was at Heathrow Airport, and it turned out to have a very unconventional explanationthen as well. (The Faceless Ones)

Echoes of War was the second audio story in the anthology The Doctor: The Time War 1. It starred Paul McGann as The Doctor.
Time distortion covers the jungle planet, causing the jungle to grow and die and regrow and die again, and echoes of the time war in poisoned time-space. It is a trap Ollistra set for a Dalek fleet.
There is a safe zone on the world untouched by the war.
Dal counts time in rels.
Now devourers are time disruptors that release chronon dispersals The Doctor remembers from Jane’s Guide to Temporal Weapons. They are nanoscopic weapons that destroy the very concept of linear time.
Rupa exclaims”what on Ganymede?”
Bliss reflects that she thought the war was “ancient history, ” but a time war”doesn’t work like that.”
The time war forces the monkey-like natives to evolve back and forth.
The TARDIS is just a shell because it is defending itself.
The Twenty-ninth Fleet and Third Patrex Battaledition are Gallifrey regiments.
Type 120s are new battle TARDISes.
Ollistra believes”It is through the sum of small victories that wars are won.”
Gallifreyan biology is more resilient to temporal distortion
This story follows on directly from The Doctor rescuing the survivors of theseus. (The Starship of theseus)
The TARDIS will become an empty shell again. (Father’s Day)

The Conscript was the third audio story in the anthology The Doctor: The Time War 1. It starred Paul McGann as The Doctor.
Ollistra views recent events via the Matrix, retrieved through The Doctor’s TARDIS.
She traces Bliss’s entire timeline via her biodata, finding her ancestry is from the South Asia subcontinent.
“Rassilon’s blood” and “what in Arcadia?” are Gallifreyan exclamations.
The Doctor’s squad, “red seven, ” builds staser cannons.
The Doctor describes the sonic screwdriver as an ongoing project, constantly developing modifications.
The Doctor shouts to the conscripts”You are not Sontarans!”
A Dalek hunter drone infiltrates, scans, and broadcasts back. It’s the new hunter-class, with gunsticks.
The Doctor mentions the Moonlight Bloom, a sign of peace now a sign of cowardice.
The Daleks’ gunsticks now have regeneration inhibitors.
The Doctor describes the time war as an “arms race.”
There are outer transduction fields and sky trenches protecting Tenacity.
Transmat bracelets are used.
Ollistra gives The Doctor a new, different coloured screwdriver.
The Doctor’s TARDIS is still repairing. It can move in space, if not yet time.
This story follows on directly from Echoes of War.
There are rumours that The Doctor drove Borusa mad. (The Five Doctors)
The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to detonate explosives. (The Sea Devils)
The Doctor mentions the continent of Wild Endeavour, and the mountains of Solace and Solitude. (The Sound of Drums)
The Doctor considered his sonic screwdriver to be a very old friend. (The Visitation)
The Doctor asks Veeda if she is from a noble family like Brightshore (Divided Loyalties, Enemy Lines) or Mirraflex. (The Book of the War, of the City of the Saved…, Warlords of Utopia)
Harlan mentions Arcadia and the sky trenches, The Doctor mentions the War Councils. (The Day of the Doctor)
The Doctor previously met a Time Lord who died from a regeneration inhibitor. (The Starship of theseus)

One Life was the fourth and final audio story in the anthology The Doctor: The Time War 1. It starred Paul McGann as The Doctor.
It should not be possible for timelines to be rewritten if something is protected by a time lock.
The Daleks destroy Tenacity system using a reversal wave, sending the whole solar system back in time like devolution. The Doctor describes it as “space itself going into reverse.”
Planets form via an acclamation of dust.
The Daleks use a quantum causality generator to split a single ship into multiple versions to form a quantum wall. Activating the time engines before deactivating the wall would destroy the ship.
Quarren had such psychic potential in the Celestial Intervention Agency that he could change reality with a thought.
While not named explicitly, the Chameleon Arch makes an appearance as a pendant.
If Time Lords die as humans, they die for good.
Bliss points out the quantum theory that if The Dalek ship is simultaneously everywhere, then it’s also nowhere.
The TARDIS leaves an artron trace.
Ollistra mentions TARDIS flight lessons.
Jedris is an uninhabited planet in the fifty-third segment of time.
Ollistra uses a hypercube, a “Time Lord emergency communication device, ” and a temporal flare.
The Time Lords accelerate Jedris’s system via hyper-evolution.
Quarren can see the whole of eternity when he becomes a Time Lord again.
Quarren leaves Bliss aboard the TARDIS because he thinks The Doctor would want to “keep this one.” He sends the refugees and Time Lords back to their homes and erases himself from history and the Doctor and Bliss’s memory.
The Cloister Bell is a portent of a TARDIS’s imminent destruction. (Logopolis)
Ollistra describes the device that Quarren used to turn himself into a human as being something Time Lord spies can use to hide their Time Lord selves within a locket or pendant: a Chameleon Arch. (Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Utopia)
The Doctor mentions the sound of the planet screaming, noting that it’s usually too slow to note the pain of continental shift. (Inferno)

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