Til Rork



Til Rork



Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Kaldor City Company


The Sentient

Main Voice Actor:

Jaye Griffiths


Professor Til Rork was a cyberneticist. Her cells were cloned as part of the creation of the synthetic construct Vissey, whom Rork had regular sessions with to measure her progress.

Although Rork noticed some potentially disturbing development in Vissey, she wanted Vissey to evolve creatively and did not report her behaviour. Vissey’s behaviour eventually came to light and Kelov and Liv and Tula Chenka decided to have her put in stasis, prompting Rork to run away with her. However, Vissey betrayed her and knocked herout.

Rork, Liv, Tula and Kelov tracked Vissey to the Fusion Plant using the Kaldor Bionetwork, where the three women chased after her. Pretending to be willing to let Vissey go, she embraced her before sedating her. (The Sentient)

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