Thoros Beta
The TARDIS arrives on Thoros Beta

Mentors and twin planet to Thoros Alpha. The many oceans of Thoros Beta were a pinkish and the sky a greenish blue. There was also a large gas giant within sight of the surface. Most of the settlements were underground and located within caverns.

Seas on Thoros Beta included the Sea of Turmoil, the Sea of Despair and Longing and the Sea of Sorrows. One of the known islands was called Brak.

The sixth Doctor and Peri visited Thoros Beta when The Doctor was investigating laser weapons sold to Thordon and Krontep. Whilst there they found Sil, and the other Mentors, trying to save the life of their leader Kiv

Evidence of the visit was distorted and used as evidence in The Doctor’s trial, and the Doctor was taken away by the Time Lords before events were finished.


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