This is Colin Baker

This is Colin Baker

This is Colin Baker


Colin Baker’s career as an actor spans six decades of television and theatre. To many he is Paul Merroney from the BBC’s much-loved 1970s drama The Brothers. To others he is the unhinged Bayban the Butcher in Blake’s 7, or Inspector Morse on stage. Or perhaps some know him best simply as Colin Baker himself, the man who entered the jungle and won over the nation in I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

Yet, millions know him best as the colourfully-dressed Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who, a character that has endured – and will continue to endure – through generations.

This is Colin’s own story, in conversation with interviewer Nicholas Briggs.

All copies of the CD version purchased before 3rd September 2015 will be signed by Colin.

Written by: N/A


Written by: N/A
Cover Art: Mark Plastow
Number of Discs: 2
Duration: 120′ approx
Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78575-022-9
Production Code: BFPCOLINCD
Recorded Dates: 18th June, 2015
Recorded At: Moat Studios

Big Finish is proud to announce the recording of a candid two-hour interview with Colin Baker.

Released in September to celebrate the eagerly awaited Doctor Who: the Sixth Doctor – The Last Adventure, This Is Colin Baker explores the man behindthe Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who, Paul Merroney in The Brothers, Bayban the Butcher in Blake’s 7 and countless unforgettable screen roles.

Colin discusses his life, career and achievements from throughout his time on the planet, in conversation with friend, fan and author Nicholas Briggs. This is Colin’s own story – in a way only the man himself can tell it.

You can pre-order this new September release now on CD and Download from the Big Finish website. All copies of the CD version ordered before the 3rd of September 2015 will be signed by Colin.


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