The War Games

The War GamesThe War Games
The War Games


Inheriting the mantle of the Doctor from William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton confronted some of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, but for his last action-packed adventure he returns to Earth in the midst of time zones crossing wars in mankind’s history. Going out in a blaze of glory, Troughton faces capture not by Yeti or Cybermen or Ice Warriors, but by his own people… The omnipotent Time Lords!

When The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on Earth they find themselves caught up in the terrifying events of World War I, but new and unexpected horrors await them as they cross landscapes full of enemies and time zones confounded by centuries of wars. At the centre of the mystery stand the Aliens who have kidnapped soldiers from different periods of Earth’s history and brainwashed them into fighting each other.

When The Doctor learns the terrible purpose of the War Games he has one chance to defeat the Aliens and end the Games… but to take it means risking recapture by his own people, the all-powerful Time Lords who are waiting to bring him to trial and who are capable of ending his very existence…

Originally transmitted 19th April – 21st June 1969.

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The War Games was the seventh episode of season 6 and Patrick Troughtons final full story until The Three Doctors

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