Theodore Maxtible



Theodore Maxtible



Place of Origin:



The Evil of the Daleks

Main Actor:

Marius Goring


Theodore Maxtible was a wealthy human businessman who sought to turn metal into gold. He was the fatherof Ruth Maxtible.
He allowed Edward Waterfield and his daughter Victoria to live in his house.

Maxtible and Waterfield experimented with time travel, accidentally bringing them in contact with The Daleks in 1866. He willingly served The Daleks, who promised him the secret of turning metal into gold. Unlike Waterfield, Maxtible felt no guilt at the deaths caused by the Daleks.

He was later taken to Skaro by the Daleks and was upset when the Daleks destroyed his house. He was later turned into a human Dalek, giving him super strength.

During the destruction of the Dalek City, he killed Kemel by pushing him off a cliff. He was presumably killed in the destruction of the city. (The Evil of the Daleks)

The Doctor later described Maxtible as “a greedy fool” to his companion Zoe Heriot. (The Wheel of Ice)

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