The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet
The Lost Planet


An exciting original story featuring the 12th Doctor, as played on by Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, and his companions Brandon and Alex.
The TARDIS is under attack. Alien plants have taken root in its corridors, strange flowering tendrils that threaten to rip The Doctor’s ship apart. New companions Brandon and Alex venture into the heart of the TARDIS to discover the source of the infestation.

Instead they find a secret door, and a forgotten world. The Doctor has unfinished business with the Arborites, living trees with long memories. Centuries ago he fought to prevent a galactic catastrophe – but now his past has come back to haunt him in ways he never thought possible.

Can the Time Lord rescue his young friends before they are destroyed by his past mistakes, or will Hirolth rise to leave utter devastation in its wake?

Duration: 1 hour 10 mins approx


Listen to a sample:


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  • The Lost Planet was an exclusive-to-audio story from BBC Audio featuring the Twelfth Doctor.
  • It was read by Nicola Bryant.
  • The Doctor says that the TARDIS’s translation circuits often had trouble understanding Peri’s accent.
  • After the TARDIS finishes scanning the book, The Doctor sets the coordinates to London 1588.

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