The Lost Magic

The Lost Magic
The Lost Magic


Dan Starkey reads an intriguing original story featuring the Twelfth Doctor, as played on by Peter Capaldi

People laughed at John Dee for years, dismissing the astrologer as a madman or a fraud. Then one day a face appeared in his mirror, a face that was not his own. He was given secrets from beyond time: how to mix potions, how to tame the elements, even how to trap a demon. But Dee’s magic was lost, his library ransacked, his spells and hexes stolen. A dread prophecy was made: “the Earth will burn”…

When the TARDIS lands on a Spanish galleon, caught in an unnatural storm, The Doctor, Alex and Brandon are shipwrecked and separated from each other. Between them they must discover who is waging supernatural war – before the planet is pulled apart. What connects John Dee with Sir Francis Drake and the impending attack of the Spanish Armada?

Dan Starkey, who plays the Sontaran Strax in the hit BBC series, reads this original audio story by Cavan Scott.


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Brandon was sea sick. Seeing his face was green, The Doctor asks if he was infected by a Krynoid.
The Doctor explains to Alex and Brandon how the TARDIS‘ translation circuit works.
When the galleon is disassembled, the TARDIS‘ Hostile Action Displacement System activates.
Brandon bought Alex a Magpie S7 on the “previous Christmas”.
After the galleon disassembles, Alex and The Doctor are taken by an English ship to the Buckland Abbey. As Brandon managed to enter the TARDIS before the HADS kicked in, he ends up on Plymouth.
After he was hit by energy from the time storm, The Doctor entered a degeneration cycle, going back from his eleventh incarnation to his first.
Among the spells John Dee has is one to bind, and presumably control, a Weeping Angel.
High Gallifreyan is seen prominently.
Francis Drake attempts to summon a Tenabrious Glist.
The Doctor mentions he and Elizabeth I “don’t exactly see eye to eye”. (The Shakespeare Code, The End of Time, The Day of the Doctor)
The Doctor, degenerated into his ninth incarnation, claims that the energy required for the concentrated time storm was “fantastic”. (Rose)
The Doctor, degenerated into his second incarnation, tells Alex to “think at” the sonic screwdriver to use it. (Let’s Kill Hitler)
The degeneration cycle briefly leaves The Doctor in the form of a frail young boy. (Listen)
The Doctor marvels at a human creating a sonic screwdriver. Amy Pond had previously cobbled together a sonic device during her 36 years stranded at the Two Streams Facility. (The Girl Who Waited)
The Doctor calls Old High Gallifreyan the language of the Pythia. (Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible)

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