The Giggle Novelisation

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The Giggle Novelisation

The Giggle Novelisation


Pages 224
ISBN 1785948474
Publication Date 11 January 2024


A sinister toyshop. The Earth erupting in violence. Shockwaves travelling through history.

With old friends powerless to help, The Doctor is drawn into a deadly duel against an old nemesis who can bend reality to his will – and change The Doctor’s future for ever…

Based on a script by Russell T Davies, this thrilling third adventure for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary features David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, as well as introducing Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor.

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    Move 2
    Move 3
    Move 4
    Move 5
    Move 6
    Move 7
    Move 8
    Move 9
    Move 10
    Move 11
    Move 12
    Move 13
    Move 1,024
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    Move 23
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    Move 31
    Move 32
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    Move 34
    Move 35
    Move 36
    Move 37
    Move 38
    Move 39
    Move 40
    Move 41
    Move 42
    Move 43
    Move 44
    Move 45
    Move 46
    Move 47
    Move 1 (Go Again)
    Move 48
    Move 49
    Move 50
    Move 51
    Move 52
    Move 53
    Move 54
    Move 55
    Final Move


  • The novelisation is actually “written” by The Toymaker himself.
    The Toymaker invites the reader to play puzzles throughout the book. One particular game allows the reader to choose Donna’s path through the maze of doors after she is separated from the Doctor.
  • The ending scene from “Wild Blue Yonder” is reprised here.
    Wilfred Mott is the one who explains to the Doctor that “everyone thinks they’re right” rather than the man standing in front of the car.
  • A scene is added explaining that the nuclear launch codes have been sealed in with a UNIT soldier in a bunker underneath a bunker with six other UNIT guards stationed outside. The President of the United States is determined to break in and acquire the codes for himself.
  • The Toymaker’s musical number is reduced to the generic “La-La-La” notes, after Ms Pockleton informs him that he doesn’t have the rights to use “Spice Up Your Life”. The Toymaker also reveals that he has trapped the Spice Girls in the song. There are also references to the songs “Despacito” and “House of the Rising Sun” during this sequence.
  • The crew of the Galvanic beam were turned into a bouncing ball, a wooden peg doll and a rattle and dropped off the platform. The Toymaker controlled their fall, therefore explaining why they were not heard to have hit the ground until a while after The Toymaker had taken control of the platform in the televised episode.
  • It is explained that The Doctor bought the house at the end of the story by using money that had been paid into his account by UNIT over the years.
  • Wilfred humorously proclaims that he will “never surrender” to the moles.
  • Colonel Ibrahim is given the first name of ‘Christofer’ and has a greater presence than in the televised episode including more lines of dialogue and some backstory.
  • A short epilogue confirms that The Toymaker is biding his time until his next game.

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