The Warmonger


The Warmonger


Thirteenth Doctor


Graham, Ryan, Yaz

Main setting:



Panini Comics


Peter Ware & Marcus Hearn


Scott Gray


John Ross


James offredi


Roger Langridge

Release details

Printed in:

DWM 531

Release Date:

18 October 2018



Part one

In the City of Radiant Stone on the planet Gatan, a lost young girl of the local species walks alone through the destroyed and empty city, clutching a teddy and shouting for her lost mother. A couple of looters ransack a nearby house and knock her to the ground as she begins to cry. However, a nearby woman’s voice calls out to her, looking for someone nice, and she identifies herself as The Doctor, alongside her friends Ryan, Graham, and Yaz. The girl begins to warm to Yaz, and reveals her name as Tondi. As Yaz promises to help her find her mum, called Parnia, the other three look around at the destroyed city. The Doctor states that it is odd, as she should have landed in the planet’s”party era”, and Ryan and Graham volunteer to scout the area from the roof while The Doctor helps out Yaz.

From the roof, Ryan and Graham survey the burning rubble of the city, before having to dive out of the way as what Ryan describes as a”flying robot lady” on a hover vehicle floats past, despite the planet supposedly having roughly the same level of technology as Earth. Curious, Ryan decides to follow her, despite having to cross a very high-up rope bridge in doing so. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Yaz stumble upon some more looters. The Doctor decides to ask them for information, but they immediately start attacking her. However, she stays very polite, dodging all of the punches of their leader, Gorny, before hurling him to the ground as the other two run away. Before he can talk, however, a golden streak of light hurtles towards the ground and makes impact. To Gorny’s horror, from out of it comes a large bio-mechanical solider, looking for an enemy to kill, and is quickly followed by another elsewhere. Despite the chaos and really wanting to help The Doctor, Yaz continues to carry Tondi to safety. The second soldier emerges, less mechanical than the other, and lunges at the other soldier, shouting that it will die in the name of its Kith-kind, with The Doctor and Gorny caught in the crossfire.


Thirteenth Doctor
Graham O’Brien
Ryan Sinclair
Yasmin Khan


the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions find themselves in the City of Radiant Stone on the planet Gatan.
One of the soldiers fighting in the city calls his people Kith-kind.


This was the first Doctor Who Magazine comic story to feature the Thirteenth Doctor. The first words spoken by the Thirteenth Doctor in her comic book tenure are, “Hey, where are all those tears coming from? Did you switch on a tap in your head?”
This is the first non-televised story to feature the Thirteenth Doctor’s companions Graham, Ryan and Yaz. It was published only eleven days after their debut in The Woman Who Fell to Earth.
Original print details
(Publication with page count and closing captions)
DWM 531 (8 pages) Next: The Eye Above!


Ryan has to climb up a ladder again. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth, The Ghost Monument)
The Doctor mentions craving a kronkburger. (The Long Game)

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