The Veraxils



The Veraxils

Place of Origin:

Varax Beta

Notable Individuals:



The Witch From the Well


The Varaxils were a race from the same galaxy as Earth whose civilisation was initially built on Odic energy.

Varaxils had a very long lifespan and could easily live for 350 years.


Given that the existence of Odic energy contradicted the known laws of the universe, their science was branded as herecy by virtually every other species. This millennia-long pariah state eventually caused them to abandon their reliance on Odic energy and vow to rid the universe of it completely. Around 1450s, they rounded up all Varaxils with Odic potential and imprisoned them on their planet Varax Beta in tombs of reinforced tyrillium six miles deep. They proceeded to travel the cosmos to do the same with members of other species.


Initially, Varaxils relied on Odic energy. After their turn around, they started using Lokic energy, incompatible with the Odic one and unstable in its presence.

Varaxils were able to forge powerful artefacts, such as the WitchStar, in the Hecatrix Dimension, the dimension of witches. Such artefacts were extremely unreliable and theiroperation was more of an art than a science. The WitchStar could detect and extract Odic energy from individuals of any species.

Varaxils used Lokic power cells to power their ships and Lokic containment webs to keep Odically gifted individuals prisoner.

Varaxils also used runes against the Odic magic, but these runes had to be carved precisely, down to a micron.


Two Varaxils crashed on Vetter’s Tor around 1650s. Their ship already contained several prisoners, kept in Lokic containment webs, including an Irisi and a flux imp. The pair killed at least five humans from the nearby village of Tranchard’s Fell and assumed the identity of two of them, Lucern Portillon and Finicia Portillon, using a transmutation matrix. Their goal was to capture and kill Agnes Bates who had strong Odic potential. While the intervention of the doctor saved Agnes’s life, her Odic potential was gone forever.

They also indirectly caused the death of Beatrix Butcher, who was burned as a witch because of “Finicia”. They felt no remorse for killing humans calling them hollow and primitive if devoid of Odic energy. Killing or imprisoning humans with Odic potential was part of their crusade.

A lot of Odic energy accidentally released from the WitchStar was put into a well, and the two Varaxils promised to eliminate it at first opportunity. They lived on Earth, guarding the well, for 350 years in the same unchanged bodies. They were killed when the WitchStar came into contact with a Lokic containment web. (The Witch from the Well)

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