The Two Masters

Main Voice Actor:

Lauren Crace


For a brief amount of time, Jemima was the Seventh Doctor’s companion. The Master considered her to be the first companion of the Doctor that he killed.

Sometime before meeting The Doctor, the Rocket Men murdered her family, kidnapped her, and kept her as their pet. When the Seventh Doctor materialised in the hull of one of their ships transporting grain, Jemima was sent to investigate the sudden increase in weight. Almost instantly, The Doctor took a liking to her. After, she told him her life story and he offered to show her the universe. When The Master rescued The Doctor from the Rocket Men, he used Jemima as a hostage. Later, after sending The Doctor to greet another incarnation of the Master, The Master killed Jemima with his Tissue Compression Eliminator.

When the universe was regenerated by the equipment of the Cult of the Heretic, the Seventh Doctor, who had the ability to reshape it into anything he wanted due to the Cult’s equipment, only made two changes: he sent both Masters back to where they had been before they became involved in the Cult’s plot, and then he changed history so the Rocket Men never kidnapped Jemima. (The Two Masters)

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